How to get Unstuck

How to get Unstuck

1. Start the day with Prayer/ Medication in the morning no phone or checking social media until you have done this.
2. Listen to something that fills your cup. Inspirational, Motivational videos.

3. No talking or taking on anyone’s problems or concerns until you have done the first two things.
4. Mirror Work- Look in the mirror and speak positive affirmations.
5. Journaling helps write your thoughts  or dreams you had previously.

6. Create a list of things you need to accomplish today.

7. Listen to a song of your choice that makes you feel good.
8. Take an inventory of what you’re watching and listening to.

9. Purchase books that help you with your personal development. Eat that Frog, Emotional Intelligence, The Four Agreements to name a few.

10. Be on the look for Summits and Free Online courses to help you improve,

12. Think about this question… Who are you?

13. When you answer this keep in mind it’s not what you do it’s who you are.

14. What do you love doing? What you do everyday is tied to part of your purpose,

15. When you figure this out find someone who’s already doing this successfully study how they do it and put your own touch to it.
16. Create a Personalized game plan.

17. Get an accountability partner or group. Someone who will hold you accountable for what you say you will do.

18. Creat a Goal with dates, and how you will fell when you achieve it.

19. Get a Game plan in motion. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

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